Thursday, June 2, 2011

Why Do Men Hang Balls From the Back of Their Trucks?

Yes, I said it.  The dreaded word... Balls. 

Though, not so dreaded in my family.  We all think its hilarious no matter who says it, or in what context.  We all go... Huhu, she said balls.  Then we all crack up laughing.

But no matter how funny I may think the word actually is, it is just a word.  That doesn't mean I want to look at them.  I will never for the life of me understand why men hang balls from the tow hitch on their trucks.  What is with that??!!  Does anyone understand the meaning behind this?  And then they make them chrome!!  Really? 

I guess I can understand (though not really) that women would them on their trucks, but big country men, driving big Texas trucks?  It completely baffles me.  Are they trying to compensate for something or is there honestly a meaning behind this.

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