Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Softball Team is Not That Great...

Bless their hearts, everybody tries so hard.  Well, most everybody. 

I started playing softball with my sister and her team and I mean this this all the love in the world... We suck.

It isn't for a lack of trying.  We just need some practice.  We have great moments, we just need to harness those moments so they aren't so few and far between. 

At least it's entertaining to watch.  We are a bunch of no hitting, ball missing, hole in gloves, no base running fools out there.  But we have a good time and are pretty good at drinkin beer.

I choked pretty bad yesterday and normally am a decent player.  My fielding was atrocious yesterday.  My hitting made up for it, but my defense was all off. 

I really need to practice, but find I have sprained my ankle.  Practice tomorrow, Seaworld this weekend and a game on Monday.

Guess I will be missing practice.  Maybe next time...

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