Monday, June 13, 2011

Do Nice People Really Exist Anymore?

So, I tend to be a crafty person when I want to be.  It happens on a good occasion.  I get in my moods. 

I started this project for my sister and I, creating covers for our dog's kennels.  We took a trip to the fabric store to get the necessary materials.  I needed some help doing the math to figure out how much fabric I needed based on the size of the kennel.

I asked the lady at the fabric counter for help and she quickly got on the phone and called her husband.  Apparently he is a math wiz and a problem solver.  She asked if I would mind waiting a few minutes and he would have the answer.  Not a problem, we needed to get a few other items as well.

She called me to the counter about 10 minutes later and passed me the phone to talk with her husband myself.  No here is where it gets good because I have never known anyone to offer this much help to a complete stranger who walked into his wife's store.

He asked me some questions about my project -- the way I was cutting the fabric, sewing the project, etc.  He then offered to come up to the store and show me some ideas.  I didn't have enough time then, so instead he offered to email me the amount of fabric I needed. 

But it gets better...  He then asked me to give him a little more time and he would also email me some dimensions for a pattern to help me have as little wasted fabric as possible.  Wow!  Does that ever happen anymore?  I couldn't thank the lady at the counter anymore for the wonderful help her and her husband gave me yesterday.

So I ask, does anyone really know what its like to help people out like that just for the heck of it?  Has anyone had that kind of help given to them?  I want so much to pay it forward and I have been thinking of ways to help other, I just need to execute them.

So I guess the answer to my title question is yes.  Genuinely nice people still exist in this world.

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