Sunday, June 5, 2011

Garage Sale Humor

People who show up to garage sales are so funny.

For one, they refuse to pay what you have marked for any item. Something could be in the quarter box and they would offer you twenty cents. WTF? It is the common law of garage sale goers to follow this rule?

I had something priced for twenty dollars. One person offered me fifteen and when I said yes, paid with a twenty. Again, I ask, WTF?

Or I got asked how much something is when its plainly written on the tag. The other thing I have found is the misterious missing tag when I new very well it was on the item. Then there are the people who try to lie and say an item was in a cheaper box when you know it wasn't.

Do they think you are stupid? When I go to a garage sale, I see a price and if I want the item, I pay for it. Items are marked a certain price for a reason.

But I beat them at their own game. I purposely overprice so when they want to go cheap on me its no big deal. Take that you cheapo garage sale shoppers!

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